BBQ Accessories

The very best in stainless steel grills and cooking equipment can now be yours. Side burners, food warmers, outdoor refrigerators and many other accessories are available to help you create your outdoor home resort.

Grill Accessories

Pavilion BBQ Island

Cal Flame is the first and only manufacturer to offer you the commercial-grade equipment to build a true outdoor kitchen. The very best in stainless steel grills and cooking equipment can now be yours. Side burners, food warmers and outdoor refrigerators eliminate the need to run inside and keep you where you want to be the most- at the grill!

Side Burners

LBK BBQ Island

Bring essential indoor kitchen features to your Cal Flame Grill, BBQ Island, or BBQ Cart. Convenient side burners make it easy to prepare multiple meals while you grill. Choose single and double side burners in the style that complements your backyard design.


Hibachi and Power Burner

Upgrade your outdoor dining experience with our Hibachi. These drop-in accessories will surely make any BBQ Island shine and skyrocket your gourmet cooking to the next level!

Drop-In Accessories

LBK BBQ Island

Drop-in accessories give you the functionality you need to handle any event in your backyard or garden. Keep side dishes fresh with food warmers and make any drink with cocktail centers and ice chests. At Cal Flame, it’s all about choice.

Doors & Drawers

LBK BBQ Island

Cal Flame Doors and Drawers are perfect to store large items inside your BBQ island! Keep your outdoor kitchen space clean and organized with with Cal Flame Doors and Drawers.

Oven & Refrigerators

LBK BBQ Island

Complete your outdoor kitchen with one of Cal Flame stainless steel refrigerators and 2-in-1 Oven-Warmer and Pizza Oven. Also available are Beer Tap Refrigerator and Ice Makers.

Patio Accessories

LBK BBQ Island

Create an inviting space for entertaining and relaxing with patio accessories from Cal Flame. Get the most out of your patio space by upgrading the look and feel of your next family gathering. Add a special touch to your outdoor space or give a current collection a whole new look with Cal Flame’s Patio Accessories.